Philip’s- ‘Health & Healing Ministry’

philipshealthandministryDo you know that God has a Natural Health Plan? Do you know it? Do you follow it?

All the clinical facts point to the answer being NO! We are facing a major global health crisis; there are modern day plagues (multiple epidemics) of sickness and disease.

That is why God is ‘Restoring His Natural Health Plan.’Why? Because - 70% plus of sickness comes from self abuse i.e.what you do and do not eat and your lifestyle. This makes it blatantly obviousthat we need to have a natural health plan to follow.

Philip’s Ministry is to teach that Plan. Philip’s ministry is a unique Health and Healing Ministry;he blends the practical areas of natural health and nutrition with God’s health principles from the scriptures.  Philip advocates working with Jesus for your healing and not against Him.

Bridgeman Ministries (incorporating Wisdom for Health) is a unique healing ministry founded by Philip Bridgeman in 1995.  The ministry blends the practical areas of natural health and nutrition with God’s health principles from the scriptures.  This blend of the natural and the spiritual aspects of health and healing (including the supernatural) causes the teaching to appeal to the church congregation and serves as an evangelistic tool for attracting those outside of the Church.

  • The combination of natural and supernatural understanding on health is the most profound healing potential available to us today.
  • The Ministry offers you a trusted biblically based plan to help you with any sickness or disease; physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a truly holistic healing ministry.
  • At Bible College Philip discovered by revelation, an ancient diet plan, that together with his vast experience with health and healing, led to the development of his books, Daniel’s Diet & Daniel's Diet Lifestyle.(Pure and Real Time Tested Diet).

 How this Plan gets to you?

  1. Health and Healing Retreats. To teach this plan Philip has a series of books. Based on Daniels Diet; ‘The Pure and Real Series’: Also naturopathic health books in the Bridgeman Way series.
    • These retreats are Unique…It will change your life
  2. Locally – Philip holds weekly healing meetings in Perth Western Australia

Philip is globally recognized as an expert in this field. He is a much sought after speaker and is available to speak at business meetings, and church groups. He regularly travels across Australia and Asia communicating the message of health and wholeness. Feel free to request his services for seminars or talks in your community or church.

If you are interested in having Philip come to your church or group to run his teaching program fill out the form below to make contact and discuss your needs

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